Lyft - Driving a vision for help platforms

Logo for the rideshare company Lyft

Product Designer

Visuals currently under NDA

After long periods of rapid experimentation, the technical platforms powering Lyft's user-facing Help experiences began to hit their functional limits. I was hired to lead a strategic design effort to orient and facilitate this re-architecture. Over the last 6 months, I worked with partners across product, science, research, engineering, and operations to craft a vision for cross-platform Help at Lyft—prototyping new features for internal dialogue and user-testing, informing the technical architecture to accommodate future needs, and establishing new metrics and measurement tools for quality and user sentiment.

I worked end-to-end on many touchpoints of the user-facing experience, including educational content, automated help workflows, and communication tools. My work has been a balance of offering fresh outside perspective, but learning from others and ideas that have come before: constantly testing and validating the broader team's commonly held assumptions. I managed this by a combination of diligent questioning and listening, facilitating feature-concepting workshops with multiple product teams, developing decision-making frameworks, and executing designs of various fidelity to help other team members collaborate and navigate unknowns.

Canvas - Rethinking car ownership

Photograph of two men shaking hands in front of a car with picture of mobile website for overlayed
Three screenshots of mobile websites for showing the homapge a pricing page and an interface that allows Estimating your bill
Two screenshots of a web based car shopping experience showing a grid of cars with details like name model, year and price, as well as a mobile phone with a screenshot of tools for filtering results by price, pickup, and year.
Two screenshots of a website, one showing a dashboard for managing vehicle subscriptions, the other showing a checkout screen for purchasing a car subscription.
A screenshot of overlayed desktop windows illustrating a design system for typographic scale represented in Figma design software and in a text-editor represented as CSS and HTML languages.

Product Designer
UX Researcher
Front-End Engineer

Urban Mobility Award
SF Design Week 2019

Canvas, backed by Ford, sought to rethink car ownership with a flexible and fair alternative. They offered a Car-as-a-service model: with subscriptions by the month, including insurance and maintenance, with all-online document processing and checkout and free delivery to your doorstep.

I was hired 6 weeks before the launch of their MVP product, and led the design of the canvas website and top-of-funnel experience throughout the company’s life, informing the foundational business model, brand positioning, and design system. I wore many hats while there — engineering the first few versions of our homepage and static web content, and making contributions to our CSS libraries.

Working with limited resources, I led user-research and testing sessions to validate tweaks to our subscription offerings and designs, continually working with partners in product, marketing, and analytics to define and target metrics for future design iterations. I also led the design of features for our web-app including a premium offering with the Lincoln brand, promotions, referrals, and subscription management tools in our customer dashboard.

I helped contribute to the company’s design, product, and hiring processes throughout my tenure. I also had the honor of designing our office — twice.

We were fortunate to earn a Design award for Urban Mobility from SF Design Week. In September 2019, Canvas was acquired by Fair.

Afresh - Designing tools for the future of fresh food

Logo for the fresh food company Afresh, set in title case with a leaf box illustration preceding the letter A.

Design Advisor

Visuals currently under NDA

Afresh is reinventing the fresh food supply chain with human-centered AI. Through a combination of digital tools, service design, and machine learning, they are reducing fresh food waste in large grocery chains.

I was hired as a consultant to evaluate and iterate on their core customer-facing product after their series A round. Along the way, I helped inform their design hiring process and make their first critical design hire. I developed a foundational design system and baseline of user research through field studies with their customers. I also advised and created guidelines for their team members to conduct unbiased field research on their own in the future. I observed and identified user behaviors that might impact their ML models and strategized solutions to improve accuracy of data input. I worked directly with their COO and Director of Product Engineering to make contributions to their product planning processes and roadmap.

Selected Websites


Over the years, I have designed & developed websites for humble nonprofits and small businesses. Apart from the rewards of helping friends & good people, it affords me opportunities to learn and experiment with emerging web technologies, and reminds me of the value of simplicity, which in turn helps me better communicate with engineering partners in my product work. These are a few I'm particularly fond of.

Selected Brands

Logo with an x and two beans, based on the hobo symbol for safe camp with words Basecamp Coffee Co.
Vector illustration of letters for ap painting inc. in which the lowercase t from the word painting looks like a brush handle painting down the tail of the lowercase letter p.
Circular script arrangement of the words The Woolley Market with initials signifying nw wa for Northwest Washington
Logo depicting two sewing needles through a loop of yarn in the shape of two logs fueling a campfire with name Campfire Knits
Line drawing depicting a hummingbird dipping its nose into an ink bottle with name of company The Nectar Press

Creative Director

I have also enjoyed directing and designing a number of brands for founders with grit and good stories. Here is a small sampling of logos I’ve created. For a few more examples, check out Dribbble.

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