Building a community on a sustainable & maintainable platform–of trash.


Gnarrboro is an annual community event held on Memorial Day Weekend in Carrboro, North Carolina. I am the co-inventor, designer, and unnofficial ”construction foreman“ of the primary attraction— an open invitation to ride BMX ramps, built from discarded objects and materials on their way to a landfill.

Video by Julia Wall.
Event Flyers


The first jam was a true experiment, born out of boredom, and built out of trash. We salvaged pallets and scrap wood from local dumpsters, cut, shifted and stacked until things felt solid. Local artists & riders finished the job with paint & bike ballet.


Gnarrboro 2.0 beta release had tremendous success, with a donated half pipe, ”paint your plywood“ fundraiser, and a gofundme campaign that strengthened both the ramps and the community.

Video by Zach Rogers and Steve Crandall.

The stoke is so high for spring!🀘🏻 #gnarrboro #bmx @backalleybikes

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Watch for more in 2017


  • Back Alley Bikes
  • Neal Cart - Co-Inventor, Builder
  • Builders & Artists - Adam Balfour, Jay Benallal, Darren Bouldin, Cole Brisson, David Bryan, Tony Davis, Richard Jackson, Todd Nichols, Cody Moore, Leigh Ramsdell, John Rogers, Jared Whalen, and Joel Wood.


  • Creative Direction
  • Community Building
  • Branding
  • Construction
  • Stoke Generation